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Thread: I'm The Firestarter, Birdie Firestarter...

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    Default I'm The Firestarter, Birdie Firestarter...

    When they've finished blaming greenies, maybe some folk will blame birds!

    (Nah, that would involve observing and recognising the existence of nature.)

    Click on the image below to view the article:
    Australian raptors start fires to flush out prey | Cosmos
    In the first recorded instance of fire being used by animals other than humans, three Australian birds of prey species have been seen carrying burning twigs to

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    Default Re: I'm The Firestarter, Birdie Firestarter...

    <Bird conversation>
    "Look at those human twats down there"
    "Yup. I suggest we take off and nuke the whole site from orbit"
    "Ah, Roger Wilco, flight leader......"
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    Just stick to the idea that science tests falsifiable hypotheses to destruction.

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