In 2002 George W Bush named Iran, along with North Korea and Iraq, as an "Axis of Evil".

The United States then proceeded to invade Iraq. Slaughter large numbers of people. Imprison soldiers and grossly and obscenely violate their human rights. We could go on.

The basis for that invasion? An entirely fictional arsenal of WMDs.

North Korea and Iran, unsurprisingly, ramped up their efforts to develop a nuclear deterrent. Iran may now be regretting its decision to put those efforts on hold during the more sane and stable Obama presidency.

What is the greatest gift that you can give an oppressive regime? How about a massive, irrational, unforgiving, brutal, external threat to the nation's very existence. An external threat that is perceived as racist, with zero respect for their culture and belief system.

I will draw a line under my rant for now. I was just getting started.